Recent Work

Recent Publications


The Vibrant House: Irish Writing and Domestic Space (edited with Rhona Richman Kenneally), Four Courts Press, 2017

Poets and the Peacock Dinner: the literary history of a meal was reprinted in a new paperback edition by Oxford University Press (October 2016)

“The Railroad Reverie in Contemporary Irish Poetry,” Éire-Ireland, Volume 52, Numbers 1 & 2, Spring/Summer 2017, 78-100

“Misfortunes: Thief of a Christmas and Bailegangaire,” in The Theatre of Tom Murphy: Playwright Adventurer, ed. Nicholas Grene (London: Bloomsbury, 2017), 189 – 200

“Leland Bardwell’s A Restless Life,” Cyphers Magazine (Dublin: Vol 83,  Spring 2017), 72 – 74

“Uncomfortable Bodies in Women’s Accounts of 1916” (excerpt rpt.), The Irish Independent (25 December 2016)

“Controversy in the Irish Tradition” (essay review of three 1916 books, 3,000 words), TLS (25 December 2016)

“Casement, New York, and the Easter Rising,” in Ireland’s Allies: America and the 1916 Easter Rising, eds. Miriam Nyhan and Marion Casey (Dublin: University College Dublin Press, 2016), 90 – 107

“Uncomfortable Bodies in Women’s Accounts of 1916,” in Irish Women, War, and Letters, 1880 -1922, ed. Tina O’Toole, Gillian McIntosh, and Muireann O’Cinnéide(London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2016), 118 – 131

“The Avian Rising: Yeats, Muldoon, and Others,” solicited for the inaugural issue of the Journal of the International Yeats Society, Liverpool University Press / Clemson University Press, Fall 2016

“The Irish Mammy at the Threshold of Rebellion,” History Ireland: The Impact of the Irish Rising, Eds. J. Culley, T. Graham, and N.C. Maxwell (2016): 52-56


Recent Invited Lectures


Presentation on At Home in the Revolution, Montclair Literary Festival, March 2018

Excerpt from memoir in progress at Muldoon’s Picnic, Irish Arts Center, New York, March 2018

“Tropes of Distance in Contemporary Irish Poetry,” Late Modernism and Expatriatism, Boston College, October 2017

“The Unimagined Community: Feminists and Revolutionaries in Holloway Prison,” Women in Irish History, 1917 – 1922: Feminism, Violence, Activism, Maynooth University (Ireland), September 2017

“The Muse on the Train in Contemporary Irish Poetry,” Humanities Institute, University College Dublin,  March 2017

“The Dreamer on the Train in Contemporary Irish Poetry,” Institute of Irish Studies, Queen’sUniversity, Belfast, March 2017

“Fairy Legends, Houses, and the Architecture of Rebellion,” Boston College Irish Studies, February 2017

“At Home in the Revolution: women enter the garrisons,” Irish Embassy, Washington, D.C., December 2016

“After the Rising: small encounters,” Universities Ireland Conference on the 2016 Commemoration, Dublin, October 2016

“The Muse on the Train: 21st Century Irish railroad poems,” Women and the Decade of Commemorations: An All-Island Perspective,   Maynooth University, Ireland, October, 2016

“Male Spaces with Women in them: Gender, 1916, and the Revolution in Ireland,” Peak Performances, Kasser Theatre, Montclair State University, October 2016

“The Muse on the Train: 21st Century Irish Railroad Poems,” Women and the Decade of Commemorations: An All-Island Perspective, Maynooth University, Ireland, October, 2016

“'the first time I saw a whole salmon cooked': Encounters with the wealthy in Gort and the GPO,” Lady Gregory Autumn Gathering, October, 2016

“At Home in the Easter Rising: Fairies, Rebels, and 1916,” Irish Studies, Queens College CUNY, September 2016

“The Irish Mammy in 1916,” Welcoming Ireland (Consulate of Ireland public event, New York), April 2016

“Gender, ‘small behaviors,’ and Ireland’s Easter Rising,” College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA, April 2016

“Gendered Spaces in Ireland’s Easter Rising,” Hofstra University, April 2016 and Union College, April 2016

“At Home in the Revolution,” Taste of the Yeats Summer School, Yeats Society of New York, April 2016

“Fairies, Rebels, Mothers: Lady Gregory and 1916,” Monsignor Pádraig de Brún lecture, National University of Ireland Galway, March 2016

“’Provision for Girls’: Women, Gender, and the Easter Rising,” Leitrim County Library Service, Co Leitrim, Ireland, March 2016

“Gender, the other territorial conflict in the Easter Rising,” Women and the Rising lecture series, University College Cork, March 2016

“Jumping into the G.P.O.: how women got access to the Rising,” Women in 1916, Farmleigh, Dublin, March 2016

“Casement, New York and the Easter Rising,” Independent Spirit: America and the 1916 Easter Rising, Glucksman Ireland House, NYU, April 2016


Recent Conference Papers


“’1916 Not to be Commemorated’: the anti-commemoration poem,” MLA, New York, January 2018

“’to sail forever in the middle seas': Tropes of Distance in Contemporary Irish Poetry,” Late Modernism and Eexpatriatism, Boston College, October 2017 (invited paper)

“Women Write the Rising: 2016 and ‘the intimate public poem,'” International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures, University College Cork, July 2016

“Lady Gregory’s Feminist Interiority,” Waking the Feminists, Fordham University, February 2016