CV/Theses Directed

Doctoral Theses (Princeton University)


Abby Bender, "Out of Egypt and into Bondage: Exodus in the Irish National Imagination," degree awarded June 2006

Howard J. Keeley, "Beyond Big House and Cabin: Dwelling Politically in Modern Irish Literature," degree awarded June 2004


Masters Theses (Montclair State University)


Michael Pasternak, “Yeats, Labor, and the Poetic Vocation” (in progress)

Claire Davanzo, "‘Oh! why does he not look at me? why cannot I speak to him?’ Indirectness in Three Novels by Jane Austen” (degree awarded May 2017)

Zachary Rosenblum, "Secular Transformations and Spiritual Manifestations: Three Poems by Auden" (degree awarded December 2014)

Ashim Dutta, "W. B. Yeats’s Construction of India" (degree awarded August 2013)

Nicole Scimone, "Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion" (degree awarded May 2013)

Jacklyn Ievoli, "Jane Austen’s Widows" (degree awarded May 2010) (second reader)

Cynthia O’Reilly Hacker, "Women’s Public and Private Spaces in Dubliners" (degree awarded January 2010)


Masters Theses (Villanova University)


Carly Daniels, "Eugenics and Sexuality in Yeats’s later poetry," degree awarded May 2008

Monique Byrne, "Reconfiguration of family in Bernard Shaw’s You never can tell," degree awarded May 2006

Joseph Johnson, "Folklore, Storytelling, and the Irish Revival," degree awarded May 2005

James E. Kennedy, "Memoirs of the 1916 Rising," degree awarded May 2002

Amanda Mandia, "The emerging discourse of infanticide in mid-1980s Irish texts," degree awarded May 2001

Rachel Glenn, "Private places, public spaces: sites of torsion in the poetry of W.B. Yeats," degree awarded May 2000

Thomas Jackson, "Remembering to forget: Irish social memory in Frank McGuinness’s Observe the sons of Ulster marching towards the Somme and Carthaginians," degree awarded May 1999

Maureen Lees, "Secret Histories: Lady Gregory’s Egyptian Intrigues," degree awarded May 1996

Jennifer Sherman Roberts, "'What ish my nation?' nationhood, pluralism, and language in Shakespeare’s Henriad," degree awarded May 1996

Kathryn Marie Mullan, "Creating northern space in Heritage: nationalism, locality, and northern Irish art," degree awarded May 1996

Lee Bleyer, "Whistle up the marching tune: the politics of song in selected plays of Lady Gregory and Sean O’Casey," degree awarded May 1995

Elizabeth Sawyer, "Community as a collective force in the plays of J. M. Synge and Lady Gregory," degree awarded May 1995